If you doubt the left is insane then read this

You know, the left really is insane: Father’s Day now too ‘political’.

A heart-tugging television commercial celebrating Fath­er’s Day by promoting the ­special role of fathers in the lives of their children has been pulled after being deemed too “polit­ical” ahead of the government’s same-sex ­marriage postal ballot.

This year’s commercial — featuring a father singing his baby a lullaby — will not be broadcast after Free TV Australia, representing the free-to-air commercial networks, informed­ not-for-profit group Dads4Kids that its Father’s Day ads “likely contained political matter”.

After being told this week that its ad had been rejected, Dads4Kids released a statement to The Weekend Australian yesterda­y expressing its disappointment, as opponents and suppor­t­ers of same-sex marriage defended the commercial.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott said the development was the latest example of how the “thought police” would operate in the “brave new world of same-sex marriage” while gay marriage advocate and Victorian Liberal MP Tim Wilson slammed the Free TV determin­ation as “ridiculous advice that should be ignored”.

“If you don’t like being bullied by activists, vote no,” Mr Abbott told The Weekend Australian.

“If you don’t like political ­correctness, vote no, because it’s the best way you have to stop it in its tracks.”

In its statement, Dads4Kids said the majority of free-to-air TV networks across Australia had “graciously run these ads for free as a community service ­announcement” for 15 years.

“Unfortunately, what is a simple­ Father’s Day message has now become a ‘political’ statement,” the group said.

“It is extraordinary that this is where we have come to as a country; we can no longer celebrate Father­’s Day without being forced to look at it through the lens of the same-sex marriage debate.

“It’s a tragedy that a political motive is now implied in any mention of fatherhood … Not everything is about same-sex marriage.”

On the left everything is political, but a stable traditional home, mother-father-children, is one of their most sociopathic targets.

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