And then there’s that other leaked transcript

MT’s phenomenal lack of political judgement and wholly misplaced arrogant self-confidence is nicely displayed in the contrast with the other leaked transcript, where Donald Trump is speaking with the president of Mexico, Peña Nieto. This is from Ann Althouse, no friend of Trump, who asks Why is there so little talk about the leaked transcripts of Trump’s phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia? Her answer is that it’s because both transcripts show PDT in a very good light. If you go to the transcript at the link – highly recommended – you will see Trump has three things on his mind: who will be seen to pay for the wall, trying to find some means to stop the flow of drugs and criminal gangs coming across the border, and international trade between the two countries. Both he and the Mexican president think through and negotiate about what to do and how to do it. Here’s her conclusion:

Now, what if anything is there in all of that to use against Trump? Really, the only thing is that he cares about his personal political success and doesn’t mind referring to it directly, even when the other guy insists that it’s all only about the public good. There’s nothing in there about Trump perhaps not really wanting to build a physical wall. He seems dedicated to that. You can’t see him conceding that Mexico won’t pay for the wall. What you see is some complicated, political structuring of a way to get the wall paid for that will probably satisfy the people who heard that promise and wanted it kept. But what can his antagonists grab onto? They can’t very well oppose crushing the drug gangs or better trade deals. So it’s no wonder they went big with Oh! He insulted New Hampshire! And that’s it for the transcripts. Don’t encourage people to actually read them. They might think Trump did just fine.

The notion that PDT is out of his depth and his agenda is anything other than to make the US a better place – while in the meantime saving Western Civilisation from itself – you should read Ann’s column. It really is a revelation. A master class in international relations.

AS A BONUS TRUMP’S PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: WYSIWYG as they used to say. From the intro:

In 1990, Donald Trump sat alone preparing for the below interview with Playboy magazine. There was no team of advisors shaping the future of what they believed would be the next president of the United States of America. He hadn’t slept in 48 hours. At 6:00 AM, perched high in the bronze coated jewel of his empire, Trump Tower, he was bent over a mammoth Brazilian-rosewood desk, scrutinizing spreadsheets. No insomnia, no gnawing worries.

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