Trump the Great Debate live blog

At Freedomfest in LV again and today we have a debate on Donald Trump, pro and con, with DJT now PDT. [The original has now been edited six hours later when I finally got back to the room.] The contestants in the debate are:

Wayne Allan Root [WAR]
Juan Pablo Andrade [JBA]
Deneen Borelli [DB]

Nick Gillespie [NG]
Roberto Salinas [RS]
Jeffery Tucker [JT]

When Trump was here in 2015 he drew a standing ovation. In 2016, the room was with Trump by around 90%. Huge room and a full house. So we shall see.

WAR: My grandfather was a Russian. Diff between Hillary and Trump immense so let me list some of the big reasons to be grateful. (1) Welfare dependent are not welcome. (2) Welfare costs being cut down. (3) Supreme Court conservative for the next 40 years. (4) Cutting regulations. (5) Understands how socialism kills economies. (6) Voter ID laws. Ilegal voting is massive. (7) Must lower taxes and kill Obamacare. RINO Repubs standing in the way. (8) Debt is being cut. (9) I love that he is driving Liberals insane.

NG: Not actually anti-Trump. Wishes to discuss Trump Derangement Syndrome on both sides. Syria – bombed Syria to make him acceptable. There are good things that are coming out of Trump but it is mostly inadvertently – like pulling out of the Paris Accords. Trump is an embarrassment to America. Trump is big government.

JT: Trump is good on some policies, such as tax cuts. Must do this. But what has he done to help his tax policies? Absolutely nothing. Spends most of the time on twitter. Been a disaster for his own policies.

JPA: He is attacking the media and CNN because the MSM will not show the county what he wishes to do.

NG: Why can’t Repubs pass anything?

WAR: Cannot blame Trump for Congress. Must get RINOs out of Congress.

RS: Wants walls. If there are to be walls they should also be doors in the walls as Reagan said.

WAR: Illegal immigrants are down and must be opposed.

DB: What about migrants who did it the right way?

NG: Immigrants add to the economy. Anyone who wants to come here and work should be allowed to enter. Poor Mexicans cannot enter USA legally.

WAR: You are a Democrat liberal.

JT: Immigration opposition is based on a belief in racial superiority.

WAR: Open immigration in a nation with a welfare state will bankrupt the economy.

NG: Defence spending costs more than immigration. Defence spending leads to war. Should cut to a minimum.

Moderator: What do you think about Russia as an issue?

Entire panel agrees it’s a distraction. Media is the difference since that is all they focus on.

JT: Hillary is also a distraction. Please stop bringing her up.

WAR: Mexico sends illegals to vote in American elections. Should illegals be allowed to vote? Democrats and media can say there has been no voter fraud because they turn a blind eye.

JPA: Lots of evidence. Provides some evidence from his own personal experience.

WAR: Voter ID needed and ballots only in English.

JT: Trump is the prime defender of health mandates. Trump’s approach has delayed repeal.

NG: Trump is an incompetent manager. Has not even nominated people for many positions. Trump is not uniquely awful but is awful. This is the fifth George Bush (the first) presidency.

DB: Congress has broken its promise.

WAR: DJT wished to drain the swamp. He has the entire establishment against him.

NG: What is pro-liberty about Jeff Sessions.

Moderator: Asks about the “Military Industrial Complex”?

NG: Tell the region to deal with NK. Nothing to do with the United States. NK is not a threat to the US.


RS: The danger is closing the border and angry white males.

VOTE: Measured by applause.

Pro-Trump: 80%

Anti-Trump: 20%

Wrap Up

Largely sloganising but no doubt about the sentiment in the room. The anti-side allowed perfection to be the enemy of the good. The pro-side knows what a disaster a different outcome would have been. There really is no resonating anti-Trump argument. A pleasure to finally be among so many Trump people all at once.

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