The noblest American of them all

The American left is actually insane. Their hatreds are only matched by their ignorance and lack of civic culture. They are the totalitarian enemy they accuse others of being. The notres to the video:

The audience reaction has been mixed for New York City’s latest ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ production, which shows a character that resembles President Trump being brutally stabbed to death. William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ which opened May 23 and will be performed throughout this month in Central Park, is causing a stir among audiences due to its apparent inspiration from the Trump administration. The play’s climax comes with Caesar’s stabbing death at the hands of his best friend, Brutus.

The only true-to-life part is that Caesar was assassinated by those he considered his friends. Et tu, Ryan. I might mention that I do not blog on this Comey business though it may yet lead anywhere, because you really have to be a lefist dolt to accept there is anything worth pursuing. Trump may yet be taken down, but he has turned out tp be more resilient than any pf his enemies, which include many, many Republicans, could have imagined.

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