“When we go out we risk our lives”

The picture is from this article: TV film on migrant Muslims’ hate of Europe’s Jews axed. This is part of what is found in the article and from the program that was never shown.

It shows Jewish teenagers in a Paris suburb complaining they would have to join the exodus of French Jews leaving for Israel under pressure from Muslim neighbours.

“This is a Jewish quarter surrounded by banlieues. We’re trapped here — when we go out we risk our lives,” says a Jewish schoolboy from Sarcelles, a Paris district that saw violent attacks on Jews during pro-Palestinian riots in 2014.

The teenagers described frequent beatings.

“Everybody here wants to move,” says one. “Almost everyone from Sarcelles has moved to Netanya [in Israel]. If you go there it’s like Paris — there are only French [people] around.”

Europe is a lost continent and we are the generation that lost it.

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