Laughing your head off

The text below is from Diana West: Playing Beheadings for Laughs. Reality might only affect one percent of the population directly, at the moment, even as everyone now huddles as clear of the line of fire as possible. This is what we are dealing with, the judge being the villain of the story. Today Mark Zuckerberg plays the judge and there are fools just like him on twitter and across the whole of the media.

I remember a famous exchange Milosevic had with his judge. It was 2002, and, still, the closest Western consciousness came to beheading lay somewhere between the history of the French Revolution two centuries ago, and the absurdity of Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen.

Milosevic was trying to show what jihad looked like, which, in his war, was a beheaded Serbian soldier.

MILOSEVIC: These are crimes from the 26th of March, 1992, in Sijekovac.

The units (Mujahedin) crossed the Sava River and slaughtered the Serbs. Please put the big picture on the overhead projector.

That’s it. That’s what they did. That’s what the Mujahedin did, the ones we saw yesterday. And we saw Izetbegovic (leader of the Bosnian Moslems) reviewing them yesterday.

What’s the matter? Is it not on the screens?

JUDGE MAY: It’s on the screen. Do you want the next photograph shown?

MILOSEVIC: But I haven’t seen it on the screen. I only see you on the screen.

JUDGE MAY: It’s on our screen. Make sure you’ve got the right button.

MILOSEVIC: All right. All right. You don’t want to show this. You don’t want to show this to the public.

JUDGE MAY: Mr. Milosevic, it is on our screen.

MILOSEVIC: It’s not on the screens that the public sees. Right. I see it on this screen now. But this internal screen only. So he is holding a head, the head of a Serb that he cut off. So those are the 20.000 Mujahedin that were brought to the European theatre of war through Clinton’s policy, and most of them remained there and some went to America and to other countries, and they went all around Europe. And then when they start beheading your own people in wars to come, then you will know what this is all about. …

Sometime later, I saw a photograph of a beheaded Serbian man online, maybe the same one Milosevic was trying to show the public. I had never seen anything more shocking, viscerally, in my life: a human head, eyes closed, in the hands of a monster in human form. At the same time, there was nothing more visecerally shocking than our own Daniel Pearl, also beheaded by Muslim “fighters” — or Nicholas Berg, with his slaughterhouse cries. Or Theo van Gogh, very nearly beheaded in Islamic ritual fashion on the streets of Amsterdam, although they tried not to let us know that; and more, in the continuing wars with Islam.

Certainly, our leaders still don’t know what this is all about. Beheading, however, is no longer the unthinkable act it used to be. It has now entered our cultural mainstream, courtesy something called Kathy Griffin, whose “comedy,” I am so happily out of it to say, I had not seen until today when her own Hollywood riff on the mujahudin who slaughtered the Serbs fifteen years ago, and Pearl, Berg, van Gogh and the murdered and violated rest, brought her to public eye holding aloft an extremely bloody representation of the head of President Trump. She thinks she has created something of value, a message, a moment, a point.

Her own sickness of spirit, though, is beside the point. I am afraid she has felt the pulse of the nation, circa 2017, and correctly judged Islamic ritual slaughter, once almost literally unthinkable in the West, to have become just another punch line.

Some people get it but most do not, partly because the truth is rabidly suppressed. The picture and quote from the Polish PM at the top is from here: Polish Prime Minister Warns Europe To “Get Off Its Knees” And Fight Islamist Threat. The indifference of the left to the suffering of others is possibly their most despicable trait.

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