A straight no fake news interview

Read Donald Trump’s Interview With TIME on Being President. Nothing there but Q&A. Humility is not however one of his virtues. An example:

On foreign policy

You know what’s interesting, I’m getting very good marks in foreign policy. People would not think of me in that light. I’m just saying, and you read the same things I read. I’m getting As and A+s on foreign policy. And nobody thought about it.

On forging relationships with foreign leaders

Great relationship with [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, one of the best. In fact so good she invited my daughter over. She loves Ivanka. Ivanka was over there and did great. But no I have a very good relationship with all of them, including Australia. You saw that the other night, right. You know they all said I hung up and I slammed the phone on him. I didn’t do that. I mean, it was a little testy for a while because Obama made a ridiculous deal. But that wasn’t [Australian Prime Minister] Malcolm [Turnbull]’s fault. But we have a very good relationship with Australia and him. Which I think the other night showed.

…I get back [former Egyptian prisoner] Aya [Hijazi]. Nobody could have done that. Nobody else could have done that. They could have negotiated – how tough is [Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah] el Sisi, right? Nobody else could have done–and he’s a great guy. Nobody else could have gotten her back. She would have been in jail for twenty-eight years. And that’s not twenty-eight years you’re going away for one. That’s twenty-eight years meaning twenty-eight years.

Malcolm must be the one stand-out for having had to deal with idiocy if he mentions him in the interview.

Meanwhile, Trump discusses Comey last night on NBC.

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