International election scorecards

And now in France.


And in other election-related news:

WASH POST SHOCK POLL: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%...

While at the other end of the spectrum:

Merkel’s populist foes in disarray as Germany defies Trump surge…

That must be why having stability like in North Korea is so important.

FRENCH ELECTION UPDATE: This could explain quite a bit: The crisis sends in its calling card. The concluding para with all the ones before it worth your time:

An entire generation of Europeans is facing economic stagnation and internal cultural exile in their own countries. That is surely explosive and would normally lead obviously to what Spengler calls an extraordinarily dangerous French moment. What is truly scandalous is how long it has taken to recognize the smash. The crises of globalization is only belatedly being acknowledged after years of denial by the mainstream press. A Narrative that stubbornly characterized Brexit as an irrational aberration and Trump as joint product of Russian hacking and bigotry may now reluctantly face the fact that a genuine challenge to the world order now exists.

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