Trump’s winning streak continues

Let me begin with something I wrote on Friday about what ought to be the greatest political scandal of our times, the bugging of Trump and his associates by the Obama administration during the election campaign and in the period leading up to the inauguration:

So we shall see if it is still news come Monday, whether the don’t-want-to-know crowd will get their wish and end up not knowing.

Well Monday has come and gone and so too has the story, demonstrating as nothing else could better show, that Trump was almost certainly dead on about everything he said. If the media and the democrats have backed off and dropped the story, it is only because there is absolutely nothing in it for them.

And also, strangely, mention of the pulling of the anti-Obamacare bill has nearly itself completely disappeared, again because it does not work for the Democrats. See below:

As Trump says, Obamacare is once again owned by the Democrats. He also says he has learned a lot by the process. When the rotting has gone to the fullest extent, there will be another attempt to fix things up. Meanwhile onwards to other issues, of which there are no end. The best thing about Trump may yet be his temperament.

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