Waleed says what he thinks

This is from Tim Blair and although he doesn’t say it, represents as blatant an example of anti-semitism in the public space as ever I have seen in this country. Tim’s title is: WALEED SPEAKS FIRST, THINKS LATER.

Even for an intellectual, Waleed Aly is surprisingly dumb.

His assumptions are often informed more by media class groupthink than by any study of objective reality. Recall, for example, his 2013 claim that the Boston Marathon bombers could have been “self-styled American patriots.”

Brainiac Waleed subsequently offered another theory, this time about a Melbourne self-defence training program:

The class at the gym in Caulfield, Victoria, in Melbourne’s south-east, teaches people Israeli Army combat techniques to ‘take down terrorists’.

During a panel discussion after the segment was aired, Aly, a Muslim, raised his eyebrows, smiled and asked: ‘If I rocked up with my mates Mustafa and Hamoudi, do you reckon they’d let us train?’

Waleed should have asked a few more questions first:

The Krav Maga program’s founder, Avi Yemini, said a Muslim had been enrolled in that same class and demanded the TV host take back his ‘underhanded’ remarks.

Nailed it, Waleed. The Logie-winning bore, by the way, yesterday described the London terror attack as an example of “international extremism”, whatever the hell that is.

“Whatever the hell that is” is misdirection. A euphemism for radical Islamic terrorism, the invisible and non-existent – that is, invisible and non-existent on the left – form of mass murder that will only get worse until it is dealt with. Here is a more accurate approach.

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