Mark Steyn explaining the inexplicable

The main problem I have with watching or reading Mark Steyn is that everything he says is so entirely sensible and obvious I come away thinking no one could possibly be so idiotic that they could miss the point or see it any other way. Alas, the one thing I actually do know is that being on the left means that you are capable of ignoring all evidence from the past, are completely devoid of common sense and are prepared to see your entire way of life descend into oblivion based on no discernible principle at all. The above is his interview with Tucker Carlson from a few days ago. And then below are some from among his cancelled show which really is a major loss to us all.

Not hilarious, not funny but funny and hilarious in its own way. That was the second and here is the first also worth your time.

There were nine that I’ve so far found. If money cannot be made putting Steyn on TV our side is definitely the losing side.

[Via Five Feet of Fury]

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