This is where we are

And that’s not the half of it. The other half is where we would be if Hillary had won. Slow going on the Trump agenda may be a nuisance and annoyance to some, but not to me. I am aware always of the train wreck that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, it is Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court which is going before the Senate today. The picture comes from Ace of Spades. As he writes:

I’m happy when they are sad; it’s a simple political philosophy for those of us who don’t really pay attention to the blue check mafia or the whatever those kooky shade throwers are calling it these days. Dig me homes?

Oh, and pssst…Hillary won’t ever be President.

The Dems no doubt have many other equally unsuitable people in the cupboard for future presidential nominees. But that is still future. Now we can watch and wait. Trump can’t be everywhere and do everything, but at least whatever he does do won’t be as bad as what she would have done in his place. The next thing right now is the Supreme Court nomination.

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