The modern rules of free speech

The modern rules of free speech are pretty clear and enforced everywhere.

The political and social views of anyone on the right are always open to the most extensive criticisms while criticisms of anyone on the left are strictly forbidden.

You can be as negative as you like about white males while nothing critical can ever be said of any person who is not a white male.

You can criticise Christianity and Judaism as much as you please while the practices of every other religion must never be criticised.

You are compelled to praise every form of human relationships other than a non-adulterous relationship between a man and a woman.

Paedophilia is forbidden except where it’s not (such as with child brides).

The ordering here is also important. The higher issues dominate anything below them. For example, if a woman says something positive about some conservative belief, she is no longer protected even under the “white male” rule.

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