This is an American constitutional crisis

Donald Trump accuses Obama of ‘wire-tapping’ his office before election.

If this is true, you are looking at a genuine effort by a sitting president to subvert not just the election but the Constitution. This is not, as Trump has declared it, “A NEW LOW!” This is beyond the farthest edge of any previous attempt to undermine the democratic process. This is how this should be judged.

Trump’s tweets follow claims made by conservative radio host Mark Levin on his Thursday night show about the alleged steps taken by the Obama administration to undermine the Republican candidate’s campaign to win the White House.

The presenter called the effort a “silent coup” by the Obama administration and called for a congressional investigation into the issue. That contrasts with demands from across the US political spectrum to examine Russian interference in the presidential election.

Levin’s comments were followed up by Breitbart News, the “alt-right” website founded by Steve Bannon, who ran the Trump campaign and is now the president’s chief strategist.

The article stated: “The Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorisation to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA [National Security Agency] rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media.”

Russia “hacked the election” is known to be a lie. Meetings with Russians or even with Putin represent no issue of any kind about the governance of the United States. These are media lies that have been fostered by political deceit, and most treacherously, the ring leader of these efforts has been the former president. What can one make of this: Obama Officials Set Up Jeff Sessions’ Meeting With the Russian Ambassador. Do you get that? The meeting between Sessions and the Russian Ambassador was a casual meeting that had been arranged by Obama. Here are the two meetings that are at the centre of the controversy.

The first came at a conference on “Global Partners in Diplomacy,” where Sessions was the keynote speaker. Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, The Heritage Foundation, and several other organizations, it was held in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.
The conference was an educational program for ambassadors invited by the Obama State Department to observe the convention. The Obama State Department handled all of the coordination with ambassadors and their staff, of which there were about 100 at the conference.

Apparently, after Sessions finished speaking, a small group of ambassadors—including the Russian ambassador—approached the senator as he left the stage and thanked him for his remarks. That’s the first “meeting.” And it’s hardly an occasion—much less a venue—in when a conspiracy to “interfere” with the November election could be hatched.

Sessions also apparently met with the Russian ambassador in September. But on that occasion, Sessions was acting as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, not as a surrogate for the Trump campaign. That’s why the meeting was held in his Senate office. His DOJ spokesperson, Sarah Isgur Flores, says they discussed relations between the two countries – not the election.

There was nothing unusual about this: Sessions met with more than two dozen ambassadors during 2016, including the Ukrainian ambassador the day before the meeting with the Russian ambassador.

Obama depends on the ignorance of his supporters and the duplicity of the press (and press ignorance as well), on which he can count to the fullest extent. The original story I found was at The Guardian while the story at Drudge is from The Sun, both British papers. This is how it is reported in The Sun:

‘THIS IS WATERGATE’ Barack Obama denies ‘ever ordering surveillance on any US citizen’ following bombshell accusations he tapped Donald Trump’s phone during US presidential election

The story is the denial. More interesting, if you look at the words, Obama doesn’t deny it may have happened, or even that he had known it was going on, only that he had not ordered it. There is no doubt that Trump has been sitting on this for a while but has finally realised that these attempts to rout his presidency are not going away and need to be dealt with head on. Couple all of this with the following which is already an old story: How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency:

When former President Barack Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, he was sending a message of approval to his troops. Troops? Yes, Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.

To say we are in uncharted waters is beyond understatement.

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