You say ISIL, I say ISIS and we are not calling the whole thing off

He is getting things right, both large and small. And, as always, CNN can be expected to mis-report the news. Here is the title, Trump Pentagon names the enemy: It’s ISIS, not ISIL, and this is not what it’s really about.

ISIL has been vanquished — at least as an acronym in the administration of President Donald Trump.

The Pentagon has issued a directive that officials now use the more common term ISIS to refer to the terror group.

ISIL, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, was the preferred acronym of the Obama administration. Some senior State Department officials and military commanders in the field preferred to use the Arabic acronym Daesh, but ISIL appeared in all official documents and statements.

This is not a pot-ah-toe/pot-ay-toe moment. This has surprisingly genuine implications. CNN goes on with this:

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said the military “views ISIS, ISIL and Daesh as interchangeable terms for the same thing.”

But he added: “ISIS is the term most known and understood by the American public, and it is what our leadership uses. This memo simply aligns our terminology.”

Here’s the deal. The IL stands for Iraq and the Levant. The latter IS in ISIS stands for Iraq and Syria. The first, therefore, claims to represent the entire Middle East. The second is only Iraq and Syria. The group itself prefers ISIL which is why, no doubt, Obama preferred it himself. The switch actually does make a difference in how America’s intentions are viewed where it really matters.

That they don’t get this right even when telling you the decision is part of the reason that Trump is skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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