An apple never falls far from the tree

Specially a green apple. From today’s Cut & Paste.

Kylar Loussikian reports on the race for Mike Baird’s NSW seat of Manly, The Australian, yesterday:

Speculation is mounting among party insiders that Mr Baird may weigh in on behalf of James Griffin, the preferred candidate among the (NSW Liberal) party’s dominant Moderate wing. Mr Griffin, whose mother is a local Greens councillor …

Mr Griffin’s mother is a what?! Manly Daily, October 8, 2015:

Cr Griffin is a member of the Liberal Party and his mother, Cr Cathy Griffin, is a member of The Greens.

There are fears this Spawn of the Greens could destroy Tony Abbott. The Australian, continued:

… conservative Liberal sources claiming efforts to install a Moderate are part of a plot to oust Tony Abbott from his federal seat.

Mr Abbott has done battle with Mother Griffin before. The Daily Telegraph, September 26, 2014:

More than 200 people gathered at Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Manly office today as part of a national day of action to fight for the Renewable ­Energy Target … Manly Councillor Cathy Griffin said the event was a ­success.

“This is the biggest protest I’ve seen outside Tony Abbott’s office,” Ms Griffin said.

Even Mr Griffin needs to watch out for his mammy. The Daily Telegraph, yesterday:

Meanwhile, Manly Greens spokeswoman Cathy Griffin, the mother of Liberal hopeful James, said they will be running a candidate.

But Mama, James loves you, Manly Daily, October 8, 2015:

Cr James Griffin said he and his mother’s political views sometimes made for interesting discussions.

Is there no depths to which the Libs will not sink?

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