Progressive compatability

Comment 55 from an interesting thread at Ace of Spades on, Are Western Pluralistic Societies Incompatible With Islam?

When Muslims are a tiny minority in a population, they tend to be peaceful and keep to themselves. They may be upstanding members of society. They say, “We just want to be left alone to practice our religion in peace.”

As their numbers grow, they begin making demands on the majority population. They will use the infidels’ sense of tolerance against them. They will demand that Muslim cabdrivers not be required to pick up fares with alcohol or seeing-eye dogs, that Muslim checkout clerks in grocery stores not be required to handle pork products, or that Muslim-style footbaths be installed in public restrooms. Any resistance to their demands is met with accusations of bigotry or “Islamophobia”.

When their numbers climb above 5% or so, they begin to get violent. It starts small, with scattered incidents that gradually become more organized and frequent. Above 10%, conditions really begin to deteriorate. They become openly threatening and aggressive towards kaffirs in public. Muslim political leaders get elected to more and more government offices, and begin to influence public policy. They start putting loudspeakers on mosques, forcing everyone to hear that caterwauling five times a day, every day, for the rest of their lives. There is no escape.

As their numbers climb higher, violent incidents become endemic. They begin to attack churches and synagogues filled with worshippers. Non-Muslims start to flee the violence, causing the Muslim percentage of the population to grow even faster.

Above 50%, it’s “Convert, pay the jizya, or die, infidel.”

Then the Muslim percentage of the population explodes, as terrified people convert with a literal knife held to their necks. The conquest is complete.

Islam teaches that Muslims are superior to all other people. Non-Muslims are technically “tolerated” in a majority Muslim nation, but under sharia law they are legally second-class citizens. They must pay a special tax (the jizya) and there may be additional restrictions placed on their behavior. Historically, these have taken various forms in different times and places. For example, a non-Muslim may not be allowed to build his house taller than the house of a Muslim, or he may not be allowed to look a Muslim in the eye but must keep his eyes downcast, or he may be required to wear special clothing to advertise his status as a dhimmi. (Where do you think Hitler got the idea of making Jews wear a yellow Star of David? Yep.)

In a Muslim majority nation, non-Muslims may be subject to being beaten, raped, or killed by Muslims, at a whim or on a slender pretext, and there are often little or no legal consequences for doing so. Rape of uncovered women by Muslim men has reached epidemic proportions in parts of Europe, and they’re not even a majority. Yet.

While it may take decades or longer to play out, this pattern has repeated time and time again in countries that have been conquered by Islam. It is as predictable as the sunrise. The only way to avoid it is to make sure that Muslims remain a tiny minority in the population. Once they gain a foothold, the progression is inexorable.

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