Post-modernism and media lies

Our last day in Europe and so our last day with The New York Times. And as a special full-page opinion just to mark the occasion, there is a story that I don’t need to quote from since you will already know what it’s about: “White Australia celebrates a dark day”. It comes with “The shocking affront of Trump’s C.I.A. stunt”, “The First Amendment is not enough”, “Silence on abortion equals death”, Wrong way to take on Trump” and “Smart Approaches to jobs”. This last one is by Thomas Friedman, who, in case you thought it might even be a neutral article, opens:

I’ve actually been watching the early Trump presidency from London. (I would have gone to the moon, but I couldn’t get a ride.) Even from here I have vertigo.”

It is pathological. Now I could easily admit that I was in the same state of mind watching all eight years of Obama, but he never disappointed me even a single time, by doing something right. And as a blogger, I am expected to look at things from my own perspective. But the NYT and near enough the rest of the media – CNN is a particularly difficult trial which we stopped watching even though it’s the only station in English – is the Green-Left review. There is a terrible catastrophe that awaits us since I cannot think how we can ever get past this constant poison. It must have the same effect as reading Der Sturmer had in the 1930s. The truth counts for nothing; all that matters is the outcome, which is hastening international socialism in a world of open borders.

Now to catch my flight.

SAFELY HOME ADDITION: This is Victor Davis Hanson worrying about the same thing, although he does it better and in more detail: Fake News: Postmodernism By Another Name. I will give you the last para below but you should go to the link to read what comes before.

Fake news is journalism’s popular version of the nihilism of campus postmodernism. To progressive journalists, advancing a leftwing political agenda is important enough to justify the creation of misleading narratives and outright falsehoods to deceive the public—to justify, in other words, the creation of fake but otherwise useful news.

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