Almost gone


Listening to Obama’s last press conference. Such a windbag! Future generations are going to wonder where his reputation for being a great speaker came from. One platitude after another. If you didn’t know his record, if you didn’t know what he has actually done over the past eight years, you might even conclude he’d be an all right president. But we do know what he’s done. Cannot wait to see him gone.

FOLLOWED BY: Been watching on the BBC. The very next show is about Donald Trump who apparently thinks of himself as some kind of comic book character – Batman or Superman or something. Anyway, it’s about Trump, Putin and the “secret dossier”. Is it fact or fiction or some of both, they ask. We still don’t know. The entire story is right now, even while I’m watching, being treated as something we still need to wait on further evidence. We have even been shown a supposed tape of some businessman being taped in bed with some woman, presumably not his wife. And now they are interviewing some “Russian gangster” about this association with Trump in Moscow. Now the interviewer is in Washington looking more deeply at the evidence. And on it goes, but enough for me. What a contrast between the two stories! What a world we are about to enter. Do they know they are lying? No doubt, but they could not care less.

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