Sheltering the left from reality

Wile E Coyote must have eaten quite a lot of roadrunners in his time, even if not that roadrunner. Sylvester has to have eaten his fair share of birds, even if he never quite gets to Tweety. The big bad wolf may not have eaten those three little pigs, the ones with the clever oldest brother who built his house of brick, but he has certainly eaten his fair share of others. These are all extremely robust animals, whose fame rests on their role in never actually finally despatching their movie co-stars before the camera. But each looks very well fed and each is strictly a carnivore.

But these are just cartoons, right? Unfortunately it is a mentality that goes far wider that has helped to infantise the American public. The rest of this is about the movie Passengers (R/T: critics 31% – audiences 68%; iMDB 7.1) which you are advised not to read if you are thinking of going along. No spoilers here, since the film is pretty rancid already, but there will be fewer surprises left in the plot if you continue below.

But this is not a movie review; this is a discussion of the American left as represented by its insistence that all film endings be Hollywood endings. In a Hollywood ending, whatever might be the set up, everything works out fine. Probabilities and reality have nothing to do with plot lines. Audiences must have endings that do not upset them. Reality must never intrude. No lamb is ever torn to bits by wolves. No bird is ever devoured by cats. No chicken is ever eaten by a fox. No one is ever harmed by members of protected minority groups.

You might say that movies are movies and the real world is real. Everyone knows the difference and movies are just for escapism. Except that politics as presented by the media has now become a form of escapism as well, and the editors of our media organisations understand perfectly what must never be reported that might in any way upset the delicate fake news narratives of which are the victims and who are villains. Some groups are Wile E. Coyote and others are roadrunners, and if you are the first, everything you do is bad, and if you part of the second, then you are presented in only a positive way.

It may well be that humankind cannot bear very much reality, but the left cannot, it seems to me, bear any at all. The left, in their delusion that they are making this a better world, are the creators of a large measure of the political evil we find, but even so, demand that they are never presented with an accounting for the horrors they have helped to create through their passive acquiescence. They are determined never to have to confront the evidence and consequences of their misjudgements, and the mainstream media fully intend to conspire with them in ensuring the problems they cause are never brought to their attention.

It is a world where everything works out and in which no evil is found.

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