Trump’s winning strategy and how it came to be

Kellyanne Conway describes what she did after a meeting in August at a point when Trump was in desperate need of a campaign manager. The story continues:

It was then that Trump offered her the job.

Conway accepted, as long as another person was in the C-Suite, a term derived from the use of the letter C in most high-level positions such as chief or chair. That other person was Steve Bannon, former Goldman Sachs executive, U.S. Navy officer, and publisher of Breitbart News, a right-wing news organization.

Conway then gave Trump her thoughts about how he could win, and about the issues and messaging it would require.

“He already knew that. His instincts are excellent,” she says. “He had already built a movement, but he needed to have some people around him who create the right environment.

“So how did we leverage that into a campaign strategy? And, conversely, as I said to him on that first day, ‘Let’s see who Hillary Clinton is not, nor ever can be, and let’s try to do it and be it.’ ”

Conway and Bannon saw Clinton as someone who lacked an uplifting message and couldn’t break above 44 to 47 percent in polls. They also felt she would have a devil of a time knitting together the Obama coalition.

Meanwhile, Conway says she reduced the hassle and background noise for Trump, hoping to create an atmosphere in which he could flourish. “And I tried to take account of his gifts.”

Trump’s rallies soon became speeches, the kind of events where he began to use a teleprompter and to talk about policy. He started to offer a bullet-point outline of something that people could actually envision. He was still “able to add a great deal of personal flair and humor and off-the-cuff remarks at the rallies,” Conway says, “And people loved that.”

This is how history is made in those normally hidden recesses of the decision-making process. There was nothing inevitable about any of it. But that is merely politics. There is also this:

Her faith — she is a devout Catholic— has helped keep everything in perspective.

“Faith plays a minute by minute part of my life. It is constant,” she says.

“This,” she says, pointing to everything that is going on around Trump Tower, “is consequential, this is exciting and historic in its own way, but it is nothing compared to the universe in which we live, the God that I worship, and the totality of our lives.

“I do believe that God placed me in this position at this time to do my small part to create an environment to allow Mr. Trump to flourish and to help to create a campaign structure with our fabulous team.”

It almost makes you think a return to sanity is possible.

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