Princess Hill “teachers for refugees”


No real reason to mention it other than that my wife went to Princess Hill. A refugee from communist Poland, Australia has certainly been her home. However, her parents came as legal migrants and both had paid work within the first month of arrival. From Andrew Bolt, who writes:

Have you wondered what kind of teacher could possibly think it appropriate to wear shirts with political slogans at schools, here is a sample.

Strange. Somehow I just didn’t need the slogans to identify the politics of some of them.

But I wonder how they can justify misusing their authority and position to preach politics beats me.

TEACHERS have posted pictures of themselves in class wearing T-shirts supporting refugees, and claim not one was punished despite warnings from the government.

Victoria’s Education Department and federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham advised teachers could face action and even the sack if they wore “Teachers for Refugees — Close the Camps, Bring Them Here” T-shirts this week in protest at offshore detention camps.

Not punished? What signal does that send students about rules and authority?

And would there be no punishment if teachers wore “Teachers for climate scepticism” shirts, advertising a cause that is at least rational?

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