Looking for a Christmas miracle

There are many things great and small Andrew Bolt does that are important and for which I remain grateful. Among these – one of the smaller blessings – is that he reads Niki Savva’s columns so that the rest of us don’t have to. From today: Niki Savva: admits Turnbull floundering, but still blames Frydenberg, Abbott, delcons…. Expecting Malcolm to do well is like belief in Santa or the tooth fairy. No conception of what needs to be done and no ability to achieve it even if he did know what to do. This is from Niki, looking for a Christmas miracle.

Turnbull unwisely provided a measure against which he can be judged on the day he ousted ­Abbott by pointing out Abbott had been behind in 30 Newspolls. Turnbull has been behind now for several polls. Only one thing will turn it around: performance. And better political management.

Yes, better performance and management is just what’s needed. Unfortunately, it’s just not in his DNA.

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