If this is true, how can Malcolm continue to lead the Libs?

I’m on annual leave and away from it all with only the occasional look at the papers. But there was this at Andrew Bolt, Hinch blames Turnbull for ABCC backtrack. If it is true and nothing is done about the leadership of the party, then they are preparing for dishonourable defeat the next time we have an election.

Derryn Hinch was attacked as a CFMEU stooge for telling the Turnbull Government to add a two-year delay in making the anti-union provisions binding on companies in exchange for his vote. Now he says it was Malcolm Turnbull who suggested it to him.

Malcolm is the politically most inept person I have ever witnessed in politics, but for him this would be even more idiotic than his typically abysmal norm. The implication, as I read it from Hinch, is that he would have voted for the legislation in any case but added this two-year delay because he was asked to by Malcolm. So the two questions, in order, are:

1) Is it true?

2) If it is true, why is Malcolm still the leader?

Maybe everyone already knows the answer and I will find out when I return from the moon. But if not, then how can this be allowed to stand?

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