Reading political journalists is like talking to your daughter’s Grade 3 teacher

Nothing against Grade 3 teachers, who are not necessarily plugged in to much of the world around them and have no special expertise on political events. And the reason for that is that there is no expertise on politics. No one has anything other than knowledge, opinion and belief. I read the papers to find out what’s going on, not to find out what to think. The media no doubt shapes our views with its coverage, or lack of coverage, but there is no expertise of any kind they have to offer.

Here’s a case in point. It’s from the Weekend Australian which I have just gotten around to read, which tells you something about how useless these papers now are. And there is this article by Paul Kelly, Donald Trump will further polarise our politics. His point:

The challenge for the government is immense. With a US president elected on values unacceptable to many Australians, Turnbull’s task as PM is to ensure effective Australia-US ties in this new and erratic order, hardly a trouble free job. Shorten, by contrast, is having a happy and cynical time exploiting Trumpism.

Where was this goose during the last eight years? Reading such opinion is truly a chore, which is why I tend not to. Just a reminder of how useless the opinions of journalists are on anything. The alternative media is here, and unless they can find some way to suppress blogs and other outlets, the Paul Kellys of the world may continue baying at the moon with their ignorant rants.

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