Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter discuss the election

The two best, most reliably accurate writers on the politics of our time, with columns out today with a bit from each. First Ann:

In the modern Democratic Party, out-of-work coal miners are constantly denounced for their “privilege” by half-black girls at Yale — who wouldn’t have gotten in without the black half — and who will be paid a quarter-million dollars as the “diversity coordinator” at some Fortune 500 corporation.

Apparently the new method of developing opinions is to figure out what’s trendy and allowing celebrities and comedians to act as your personal shoppers.

And then Mark:

To be honest, I’d be mildly impressed were any of the #NotMyPresident types to hold up a sign accusing Trump of “Pecksniffian disingenuousness” and “shabby bluff”, but it doesn’t seem to be Miley or Katy’s bag, and Pecksniffian uses up too many Twitter characters for a viable hashtag. That said, Donald Trump is pachydermatous on a nuclear scale and clearly relishes l’honneur d’être une cible (look it up, snowflakes). So you’re gonna need something new. Like maybe try refuting Trump’s positions rather than labeling the millions of voters who support them. Oh, and while we’re at at it, you might politely suggest to Messrs Oliver, Colbert and Noah that there’s never been a better time to embark on a mid-life career change and move into comedy. If the object is to win the next election, sneering is not a substitute for argument, or entertainment.

These are but samples. Go to the entire columns. We can at least have a good time for now before having to endure the deranged opposition to what the majority of Americans appear to want.

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