The Gillian Triggs Award

I do not think that Gillian Triggs should be allowed to go unpunished and just slink off into her fully-funded retirement without some kind of memorial. My proposal is that we have an annual Gillian Triggs award to commemorate her tenure as head of the Australian Human Rights Commission. The award should be annually presented to the person, of whatever gender they choose to have, irrespective of national ethnicity, race, colour or religion, who has shown the most dense, obtuse and hypocritical understanding of human rights in Australia.

My aim, in the first instance, is that she should know that there are some of us who will remember, so that, even as she is enjoying her future retirement on the grossly inflated pension she will receive in spite of her lack of judgment and perspective, she will know there are others who hold her in contempt. If she doesn’t know about the GT Award, so much the better for her. But if she does, one hopes it will irritate and annoy, providing that tiny bit of reflection on the role she has played in Australian public life.

It is also important that the name of the award should not be bestowed in perpetuity, since that would provide future recognition. Instead, it is an award whose name will be changed in dishonour of someone else and that date of this change of name should occur three years after she finally departs from public life. There will no doubt be many who will unfortunately richly deserve the role as the name of the award given each year.

The nominations will be via Catallaxy readers and when a final list of five is determined, will be chosen by a survey of readers.

This will be part of the Catallaxy Awards that will be awarded in a number of categories which have not yet been determined. Feel free to suggest the kinds of public disservice that should be immortalised in these awards. The award winners will be published on April 1 of each year.

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