There are Moore idiots than you would believe

A very disturbing video but one that is easily associated with the left and their ways of doing things. There will be four relentless years of anti-Trump reporting across the media, as disproportionate in its presence as the absence of any serious anti-Obama reporting over the last eight. What is the meme of the moment is that Hillary erred in assuming she would win the industrial north-east. If only she had listened to Bill and not her advisors etc. The new authority on the anti-Trump wagon is Michael Moore whom I discussed a couple of days ago under the heading, Michael Moore’s idiot’s agenda. Idiots’ agenda or not, he is now featured in both The Australian and The Age. Here from The Oz yesterday we have Michael Moore: the rust-belt prophet which is reprinted from The Times. Can’t get more establishment than that.

Michael Moore is the rust belt prophet. The documentary maker and author was almost the only commentator in America who predicted that Donald Trump would become the 45th president. Having come from the Michigan wilderness, the son of a car assembly-line worker, he understands middle America. He might be seen as part of the liberal elite but he has been warning for years that too many have been left behind. “I live in what they call the flyover but I like the Bob Dylan line, ‘the country I come from is called the Midwest’,” he says.

Last July he posted “five reasons why Trump will win”. He now feels vindicated, though not smug. “I have been trying to warn people for many months. I was in the UK in the week leading up to Brexit and I saw the fake bubble that the establishment were in. The day after the vote I went on TV and said: “‘I am from one of the Brexit states’, and they said, ‘You aren’t even from England’, and I said, ‘I live in that part of the US that is filled with the same anger I heard in Britain’. It was clear they wanted to send a message they didn’t like what was happening to them.”

See, what a genius he is, a true man of the people, a working class guru to help forge a new consensus. And then we get the same from The Age today, When inclusiveness isn’t: how Hillary Clinton and the Democrats got it so wrong, this one also from The Times, but the New York variety. And if you go to the link you can play a video which comes with this caption:

How Michael Moore predicted Trump’s win…
… and what he now thinks of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, let me repeat, the central issue of the election was open borders. It wasn’t the only issue but it was the most important. If Trump had proposed amnesty in any form, he would not have won. Try to find that in any paper anywhere. With Trump, we have a reprieve on so many issues, but not some kind of permanent victory. I can only hope those who understand what’s at stake will be able to bear up under what will be a relentless campaign from the media who will now notice that the economy is in a mess, America’s international allies are abandoning her, and health care is an impossible expense.

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