Ending election fraud must be added to the Trump agenda

Let me say that anyone who says they saw this coming, other than Scott Adams, is kidding themselves. This was utterly unpredictable since it required so much to go right at all the right places. Even the election being in the second Tuesday in November provided that all-important extra week that got Trump over the line. And then there were the Wikileaks, the Weiner-leaks, the actions of the FBI director and the behind-the-scenes manipulations of Obama that allowed it all to come good.

But there is also this. I saw somewhere that the reason Hillary lost was because the polls had her so far ahead and so certain to win that the usual efforts to cast fraudulent ballots was diminished since it seemed so unnecessary. This seems truly plausible. Why bother voting five times when three is enough, you don’t really need that many non-citizens to get to the polls and the dead can be left to rest in peace until the next time their votes are needed.

But then there is this as well: Key battleground states that voted for Donald Trump had turnout suppressed by local laws, experts say. What they mean by “suppressed” is this:

As many as 300,000 Wisconsin voters did not have the required photo ID. With lower than expected turnout, Trump was the first Republican to win the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

That is, when those folks who crossed into Wisconsin from out of state went to the polling stations, they were asked to prove who they were and that they had a legitimate right to vote in Wisconsin. With no such ID they could not vote. This may have made all the difference in the world in whether Trump became president rather than Hillary. The voter registration laws and the maintenance of up-to-date electoral lists should be a high priority over the next four years.

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