Donald Trump and Jennifer Hawkins the before and after

This is the video of Jennifer Hawkins introducing Trump in 2011 at the National Achievers Convention in Sydney.

And this is the video that has made the rounds.

But who of the millions who have been lied to about the reality will ever get to find out? And to see what has been made of the story, this is from The Australian: US election 2016: Donald Trump sexually humiliates Jennifer Hawkins.

But the comments at The Australian shows that at least some of these are onto it. These are the top comments in order from the top rated, which are almost all from two days ago which was when the story was released.

james 2 days ago
I am still waiting for The Australian to retract this nonsense with a full apology to Trump, Hawkins and us, the suffering readers, putting up with these hack jobs.

Trump talks about draining the swamp, we have a a few swamps in various Australian news rooms that need draining.

My subscription money can easily be invested elsewhere and I have to say, I am seriously thinking about it. I think it a privilege to be able to comment about articles and opinion pieces, but it does not rule my decision making.

To The Australian editors: Clean out your staff and clean up your act!

Sandra 2 days ago
Oh please. What a carry-on over nothing. I swear this paper is getting worse every day.

Timothy 2 days ago
Just a couple of objective points … that is, if objectivity in “news” is still acceptable.

1. The ‘author’ of this “news” article seems to have forgotten to put their name to this piece but then again, can you blame them given the ‘quality’ of this piece.

2. The ‘author’ of this “news” article seems to have either never listened to the audio or they have intentionally left out more than one line of the back and forth dialog clearly to make the actual event appear more risqué so as to suite their own purpose rather to inform the readership.

3. The ‘author’ of this “news” article seems to have either never watched the video or they have intentionally failed to make the observation that Hawkins appeared to be enjoying the banter and further, that Hawkins on several occasions while standing very close to Trump, did, in fact, make intentional physical contact with Trump first in what appeared to be signs of affection.

4. The ‘author’ of this “news” article seems to have either never watched the video or they have intentionally failed to make the observation that Hawkins could clearly have either not come up on the stage or left the stage at anytime before saying “Thank you.” to the audience before returning to her seat if she had, in fact felt bullied, intimidated, sexually harassed, etc.

5. The ‘author’ of this “news” article either intentionally or intentionally has mislead the readership when they say “The video is the latest of a number that have emerged in recent weeks, showing Mr Trump making crass remarks about women and boasting that he can grab and kiss them without consent because of his fame.” (emphasis added)

I both fear and hope that what has happened here is that some intern has managed to get a “news” article published on-line without it having been reviewed by a ‘real’ journalist and/or even the most junior of editors. I would hate to think that The Australian has stooped to this level and call it “news”. We can but live in hope.

John 2 days ago
I’m no Trump fan BUT…..

Your narration of what the video shows is unhinged and dreadfully unfair.

It’s not – as you claim – Trump sexually humiliating Jennifer Hawkins. Watch it and its actually an amusing, good hearted roast. She doesn’t seem the slightest put out.

Will 2 days ago
Since I know you won’t publish my comment let me say this. I am appalled by the way the dinosaur media have sold their souls to support the obviously very, very corrupt Clinton family and all their minions including those in the FBI, the State department, the department of Justice and the White house. Whoever wrote this crap didn’t even have the decency to put their name to it. Its time to put on the big boy pants, ignore your special interests and actually report the bloody news!

Jean-Pierre 2 days ago
I have “perused” almost all the comments posted below and came to the conclusion that the OZ has shot itself in the foot with this – anonymous – piece of garbage. Refund/termination of subscription is an option I am about to contemplate…… What an utter crap……

Ian 2 days ago
Will you give it up, please?

The number of people I know who are cancelling their Australian subscription after the outcome of the US election – you don’t want to know.

Why you so slavishly repeat the Clinton-owned MSM propaganda, I will never understand.

Have they really bought you too?

Barry 2 days ago
Why is Australia’s leading newspaper giving up on journalism? This is the kind of juvenile muck usually associated with what University newspaper editors think is print worthy.

Come on “The Australian”, lift your game.

Peter 2 days ago
memo to the australian media . . we don’t vote for the US president so strop throwing your biased rubbish down our throat

Ben 2 days ago
This is the final straw. This rag has spent months and months looking for the tiniest story on trump. Yet ignoring the fact we are up to the podesta email leaks 21. Now she’s under investigation again by the FBI and you hardly touch on it. Come Monday I’ll cancel my subscription and source my news via social media, Wikileaks and Russia today. Your hatred for trump is too transparent.

Nick 2 days ago
This is a horrendous article. Writer too spineless to attach their name. You can have your subscription back

James 2 days ago
I’m dropping my subscription. The video showed that both of these people had humour. Who would have thought that when standing in front of a crowd you would embellish a story for a bit of entertainment! Trump seems completely reasonable here in this context. It’s a shame the Australian has lost its integrity.

Frank 2 days ago
Having watched that video, whats the problem? He is telling a joke. A little bit risque. So what? The audience is laughing right along with him. The model doesn’t seem offended. No BS or PC nonsense with Trump. What you see is what you get. Fantastic.

Joan 2 days ago
Big story on corrupt Hillary so what do they do, try a itty bitty Donald is a pervert story. We are on to you.

Anne N 2 days ago
If you want the TRUE story of that video. Google!

I did and found the event in Sydney in 2011 at the National Achievers Convention. Jennifer was on stage for several minutes waving and playing the crowd and then she introduced the next guest, Donald Trump.

He walked out and she greeted him by kissing him on the cheek, then he kissed her on her cheek as her face was turning toward the camera.. He did not lay a hand on her.

She then walked off stage leaving him to talk.

The video is on Youtube dated Oct, 2, 2011.. You will also see this latest edited versions if you Google,, that may even have it’s audio edited to suit the agenda/ but the original is all anyone should be interested in., that is if you are only interested in true facts.

The tape is 1min 58 seconds long.

Lynda 2 days ago
This is an absolute disgrace and insult to our intelligence- you are going to lose HEAPS of subscriptions over this one! We are over it.

John 2 days ago
Interesting…I just watched the video in it’s entirety and it’s nothing like what has been portrayed…indeed, the exact opposite.

I see only two possible alternatives…either the article was written by a junior journalist not capable of doing the most basic research or “The Australian” has an agenda.

Which is it?

Colin 23 hours ago
Disgraceful reporting trying to get attention like the trashy USA media. I was there in the audience and I actually have a similar recording. It was nothing like what this paper is portraying it. Anyone can take a 2 min clip from a longer presentation and twist it to fit. Very disappointed.

John 2 days ago
Is this it, this what I never finished reading? Pathetic. How desperate are these leftie gits going to become? Boy they are worried.

What a rubbish article. Did Clinton pay for this?

What a beat up. It’s all good natured banter.

Donald Trump – National Achievers Congress 2011″ and watch the whole talk.

Then you can see for yourself how stupid this article is and how dishonest the video excerpt provided really is.

Like many other subscribers I’m also thinking of cancelling my subscription. I thought I was paying for journalism and thoughtful opinions. Not propaganda and hit pieces.

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