A balanced look at Hillary and Trump


Something you should definitely read: The Unequally Terrible Election. It begins:

There seems to be a meme wandering about.

“Both candidates are equally terrible!” it goes.

Lotta entries there, huh?

“Both Candidates are equally terrible!” bleats the anguished cry.

Oh yeah?


Let’s just examine that carefully for a moment, shall we? Hrmm.

You are encouraged to read this one right through, and if you go to the link you will read it through. But let me first provide a sample of what you will find.

One Candidate is an unindicted career political criminal with a verifiable record of political and personal corruption and illicit activity stretching back more than a decade before her ascendance to her first major political position by virtue of marriage of convenience to an even more charismatic and electable political criminal.

The other Candidate is a multi-decades long figure who’s been in the world wide media and public scrutiny for longer than some hostile media figures have been out of diapers about whom the worst that has been dug up and exposed is that he’s filed for bankruptcy a couple of times and that he once said “pussy” in a taped conversation. Oh, and he has tiny, vulgar hands, too. So there.

Now go read it all.

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