VP debate post mortem at Quadrant Online

I have a post at Quadrant Online dealing with yesterday’s VP debate under the fantastic heading (not mine): Razing Kaine. It was obviously Kaine’s intent to win the interruption derby which he clearly did, but not in any way that prevented Pence from stating just what he had in mind. How much it matters I do not know, but Pence came across as thoughtful and considered while Kaine was a more than usually superficial emissary from the left. My final para:

Trump-Pence might amount to more than running-mates — they might be a succession plan. I think this election remains a toss-up. But if Trump should win next month and Pence is typical of the personnel he chooses to fill the slots in his administration, there is reason to hope. Only Trump can make this at all possible. Pence provides the evidence of how it might even be done.

No doubt I am getting ahead of myself since the first obstacle is for Trump to be elected. The notion that anyone can remain uninfluenced by the continuous media storm created around Trump is a self-delusion. But if Trump has remained competitive in this environment in spite of it all, you have to know there are a lot of people in the United States who really are enraged by what is going on around them but which they have no ability to prevent.

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