Diversity is our weakness

The video is from London and this is the note that comes with it:

Published on Sep 17, 2016

Footage of a flashmob dancing on Park Lane, central London, in front of a group of refugees who have arrived in the UK. Part of the Welcome Refugees campaign. **NB: Unable to play on some devices due to music copyright claim**

Thousands of protesters marched on Downing Street to demand the British Government takes in more refugees as thousands of men, women and children continue to drown in desperate attempts to reach Europe. #refugeeswelcome

This is the post I took the video from, with the quite interesting title, How Did it Happen?. And here is the para that the video was mentioned in which is about our attitudes to immigration in the wake of the bombings and various attacks in the US:

Now, obviously we’re angry at the Muslims responsible. Dahir Adan was the Somalian who did the stabbings in Minnesota, while Afghan Ahmad Khan Rahami appears to be responsible for the ten bombs surrounding NYC. They were both immigrants who became even more radical after moving here, and their shitty culture is what drove them to attack ours. I’ve hated their kind since 9/11, but I have a new enemy: us. We keep inviting this terror by pretending it’s not there. While we were at the game, infantile ethnomasochists in London were holding a parade to welcome refugees. They danced to babysitter music, chanting “I really, really, really like you” while hideously twerking sideways and pointing to a crowd of refugees holding the Syrian flag. To call the footage of this cringefest the gayest thing imaginable is an insult to gays everywhere. It is miles below faggoty. It is willfully naive virtue-signaling that haplessly gyrates through the victims of Britain’s numerous child prostitution rings, honor killings, genital mutilation, and Sharia horror. Despite this, London elected a Muslim mayor with ties to radicalism and David Cameron committed to 20,000 more refugees (a number the castrated dancers claim is way too low). Let’s reserve some of our hatred for the Westerners who enable Middle Eastern violence.

Anyone who thinks diversity is our strength is a fool. Here’s the last para that wraps it up:

Like Britain, we assume everyone will eventually become Western and enjoy the same liberties we do if we can just get through this rough patch. The time for this level of naïveté has passed. We are no longer importing “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” We are importing people who want to choke us to death. As Sadiq Khan himself proudly stated, “Social integration does not work.” To hell with them for coming here with that attitude—but to hell with us, too, for allowing them.

Now go read it all.

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