Hope and change

trump controversies and hillary scandals

I don’t know if others have worked it out yet but if Trump doesn’t become president then Hillary does. It also does seem to me that there are far too many independent minds who are locked into the left-media narrative and seem to repeat almost verbatim the things they find in The New York Times, handily repeated for them by The Oz and Fairfax Press. And what does get me is that with Hillary you will get nothing you say you want – not a single thing – other than a continuation of the Obama years which Hillary’s stint as Secretary of State has well and truly prepared her for.

You like open borders, she’s your woman. You like unrestricted immigration, then you know who to vote for. Want spending even more undisciplined than now, then that’s the way to go. Want the sleaziest and most corrupt administration in history – one guaranteed to be sold to the highest bidder – then just keep plugging Hillary.

Trump is unusual, truly never been tested with high office. OK, but why is it an advantage that Hillary has been, when everything she has done, to the extent that she has done anything at all, has turned to ashes. A candidate without a single accomplishment to her name, other than name recognition. The funny thing is that Trump really does offer Hope and Change. He may not deliver, but he might. I know what he wants to do and my wish is that he is actually able to do it.

I thought Romney was the last hope for the West, and maybe he was. But there is now Donald Trump. (1) He is not Hillary. (2) He knows something about balancing a set of books. (3) He might even be able to close the American border. (4) He loves America and the American way of life – that is, our way of life.

You don’t see it so you don’t see it. But let me tell you, if you don’t see it, you have nothing to tell me about who to vote for in the American presidential election in November.

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