Good taste in clothes doth not a prime minister make

It’s from a journalist at The Canberra Times (via Andrew Bolt) so you can see why these are listed as positives for a PM:

Good taste in clothes and art, a beautiful speaking voice, a stellar resume, connections everywhere, and politically correct opinions on almost everything made him Abbott’s perfect foil but, so far at least, these qualities have not been enough to make Turnbull a good prime minister.

Only a journalist might think that they would or could. This is how the story starts:

There were three items for the first meeting of the new Turnbull cabinet: the cliff-hanger federal election, the response to Four Corners’ teenage detention revelations, and Kevin Rudd. And so the Coalition government has started as it seems doomed to continue: reacting badly to events and to other people’s agendas.

I cannot say any of this comes as a surprise, specially the cliff-hanger election.

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