Trump acceptance speech

I haven’t had the time to listen but will get to it tonight. His opponents will be the Democrats, of course, but also this: ROUND UP: MEDIA MOCKING OF REPUBLICANS INTENSIFIES…. But whatever happens between now and then, it will be the head-to-head debates between Trump and Clinton that will settle the issue. But let me just link to this, an article by Peter Wales at Quadrant Online, which captures what ought to be known. Here is a quote, but it far from the most important.

Finally, “He’s not a conservative!” Yes, he is. There is not a single Trump policy position that does not fit under the very wide umbrella of freedom-loving, free-market conservatism. It is certainly possible to disagree about some aspect of social policy, or trade, for example. But any position taken in these discussions is a long way from large government socialism. At best, #nevertrump can claim that Trump’s opinions now are not what they were twenty years ago. No intelligent person’s opinions are what they were twenty years ago. Values clarify as one gets older. Practical experience and knowledge of the world is gained. The world changes, problems and issues change, and ways of dealing with them change. There would be much more reason for concern if Trump’s opinions had not changed with changing times.

That there is virtually no public support for Trump across Australia is a sad fact because if not Trump, then Hillary.

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