Politics discussed – from Trump to Rand Paul

I am now listening to the Libertarian candidate for President, Gary Johnson. Former Governor of New Mexico whose Vice President would be the former Governor of Massachusetts. Warmish applause, and if he can’t do better here, he will not do well anywhere else. What can you do with someone who has just said the biggest international threat in the world is North Korea.

More to the point was “Trump Pro and Con: The YUGE Debate”. Wayne Allan Root and Dan Mangru versus Jeffery Tucker and Matt Welch. A year ago Trump was himself here whose favourite son was Rand Paul. Today, a full room who had no patience for any of the anti-Trump people. The issues that came up as questions:

Supreme Court
pseudo-free trade

The vote by applause at the end was 90% Trump. The booing and catcalls from the audience for Tucker and Welch was amazing. Tucker literally tried to win the argument by declaring Trump is a fascist, about as empty an argument as I could imagine, but he had no other. His colleague began by stating that Hillary was unfit to be president, but then discussed Trump’s threats to Bezos and The Washington Post.

What has been astonishing in the six days I have been here is that I have not seen or heard a single pro-Trump story in the media.

Brent Bozell

This is now Brent Brozell discussing the media and the election. Trump, he says, understands what no Republican has understood re the media – you attack me, I attack you. The new approach by the national press has been not just to lie by statement but now there has been bias by omission. You all know about Benghazi, the IRS, the emails here, but in the media, it is deliberate misrepresentation.

Not one “investigative” reporter in seven and a half years has looked at Barack Obama. We are in the middle of the greatest communication technological innovation, with the social media now connecting 80% of the world. In 2012, Obama spent most of his money on social media. It is this that the right will have to do to overcome the left-media.

Rand Paul

And now Rand Paul. Starts with Brexit – he not only thinks they should have left, he thinks they should never have joined. Talks about the EU Regulated Man from Brexit the Movie. Regs is like being surrounded by invisible barbed wire. US predicament is not much different.

The presidency is a thousand-fold more powerful than Congress. No one wishes to pull it back. But the lesson from history is that power corrupts. Need to surround the power of government with invisible barbed wire.

Brings up the surveillance state. FBI wants judgeless-warrants. Needed 60 votes to pass and got to 58 on the Senate floor. And then there was twenty minutes to find another two. Ultimately failed but close.

The question remains, how can we have a constitutional republic. The question he now has is, “are we doomed”? The majority can now plunder the minority. We can continue but will only work if most Americans still have hope in the American dream. Will only survive if the majority continue to believe in the capacity in self-advancement. People must believe they can be personally successful.

I look at immigrants are assets. Must offer migrants and children of migrants the promise of success. Individuals must believe they can succeed. We should leave their tax money with individuals. If we don’t voters will be seeking wealth by voting.

Conclude: it is harder to sell our message. But that is what has to happen.

In answer to a question on Trump v Clinton, very weak support, based on no more than his promise at the debates to support the eventual nominee.

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