Why would he?

The fact is that Malcolm in the election just past ran against Tony Abbott. Had he been as hard and angry dealing with Bill Shorten and Labor it would have been a different story. But it was all anti-Abbott and hardly much of an anti-ALP.

My doubts about whether Tony will come back were increased by Peta Credlin’s answer to Andrew Bolt about whether he would try for another go as PM. She said, “Why would he?” Why would he when there were so many ungrateful and politically stupid fools that remain inside the party room. And perhaps outside as well. In this story, 2016 Federal Election: Australia faces another ‘week’ without government, we find this:

The latest Morgan poll of 3587 electors, conducted yesterday following the weekend election, shows 51 per cent regard Mr Turnbull as better prime minister, just ahead of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on 47 per cent.

That’s a decrease of six percentage points in a month for Mr Turnbull and a 23 point increase for Mr Shorten in the same period. But Mr Turnbull is clearly preferred as Liberal leader over Tony Abbott by 71 per cent to 25 per cent.

But when only those who identify as Coalition voters are asked who they would prefer as party leader, the result becomes closer — 60 per cent for Mr Turnbull and 38 per cent for Mr Abbott.

Well, if that’s what they think, they got what they deserved. But the notion that there is a more conservative Liberal Party just waiting to be formed from the ashes of the present mob is just fantasy.

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