The only reason the Libs might win is because of the boats, Malcolm

On the one hand in the final Fairfax-IPSOS poll we find Dead heat on election eve as final poll points to cliffhanger in The Australian Online, the lead story is Turnbull Rebukes Abbott on Boats.

Malcolm Turnbull has rebuked Tony Abbott’s call to hammer Labor on national security and asylum-seekers, staking his re-election on his intimate understanding of the economy.

The Prime Minister, blitzing the morning television shows, dismissed Mr Abbott’s suggestion this week that the Coalition should have exploited its traditional strengths of defence, security and immigration.

“The big issue in this election, Sam – and I’ve been all around the country for eight weeks, as you know… is the economy,” he told Seven’s Samantha Armytage.

Mr Turnbull said that, unlike Mr Shorten who had spent his career in politics and the labour movement, he understood as a businessman “what makes the economy hum”.

It’s unbelievable how politically inept Malcolm is. He is the worst political leader of any major party in Australian history. Even if he thought it, the last thing he should be doing on the day before is attacking members of his own party. All will be revealed tomorrow.

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