You don’t have to wait three years and an election cycle

Malcolm is gone goose so far as the Liberal Party is concerned. For those conservatives who wish to see him lose the election, you may regret having what you wish for. There is no possible positive seeing Bill in the Lodge for the next three (six) years, none at all. A catastrophe in no uncertain terms. What has astonished me has been just how weak Malcolm has been. This, from Andrew Bolt, does not surprise me. It’s filed under Labor surges:

I am hearing that there has been a surge to Labor, so bad that Malcolm Turnbull could be left with a majority of just two seats – a disaster that could finish him. Control of the Senate will be lost for a generation or more.

Laurie Oakes on Channel Nine is also reporting more support for Labor in the marginal seats.

And how has Malcolm Turnbull been campaigning lately? He’s spent more than a week talking about Medicare – a Labor issue – and spent a whole day going to the handover of Aboriginal land. He also infuriated his base by saying Australia was “invaded” and by hosting an end of Ramadan meal with Waleed Aly and Muslim representatives, some of whom believe in stoning adulterers and vilifying gays.

This is Turnbull’s strategy of taking the base for granted taken to ludicrous extremes.

To talk of “Turnbull’s strategy” is to give him more credit than he deserves. He is an incompetent clunk and can only be elected because of the people whose value he is incapable of understanding. But even if he wins, he will be gone within half a year. He is not to be feared. He will be gone because he now has no followers. He is too dull witted to understand himself, but
they will do him over early. You can safely elect him PM and see the Liberal Party renewal happen while in government. There is no need to elect Labor and then wait. It will happen all by itself.

For another view of how pathetic Turnbull has turned out to be, there is this article by David Flint from Quadrant Online: The Withering of Malcolm Turnbull. He gets Malcolm right but I think misses the fact that everyone now gets Malcolm right.

The strategy has to be to get the Libs over the line – which is all anyone can hope for – and then see Malcolm turfed out before the year comes to an end. Whatever he may think, the Turnbull agenda is now comprehensively dead.

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