Through gritted teeth

Reading The Australian has become something of a chore. Now that I have stopped doing sudokus, there is almost no reason to have the paper delivered every day except out of life-long habit. Let me however start with Van Onselen and his efforts to back his puny judgement about our PM. He starts with a statement that absolutely no one in the world could disagree with:

Both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten have underwhelmed voters.

Shorten has, however, lived up to expectations. Malcolm, on the other hand, was brought in because he was the one-man rescue party for a floundering party. Instead, the certainty is that there will not be a single additional Coalition vote because Malcolm is PM and there will be many others lost that might even sink the party on the final day. But here is that same columnist at the end of a different story also in today’s paper

There is a feeling within the Liberals that Abbott would have been more effective on the hustings, attacking Shorten, shifting media focus to Coalition strengths beyond the economy. And he certainly would have exhibited more energy than Turnbull has.

And as for an out and out deranged judgement, since we all know that Turnbull made his move just before the by-election in WA which the Libs were going to win hands down with Tony as the leader, what can one say about this?

The Coalition research that shows marginal seats holding up, is in contrast to research before the change of leader. That certainly wasn’t the sense marginal seat MPs had of their electorates back then.

You have to cringe reading such stuff. The only thing Malcolm has going for him is that he doesn’t have Malcolm inside cabinet shafting the leader. So I turn to this interview with Tony Abbott where we find:

With less than two weeks until election day, Abbott’s immediate concern is seeing the Coalition re-elected. He thinks Labor can win the election and issues a warning to disillusioned conservatives who may be thinking of parking their vote elsewhere in protest over the leadership change last year.

“Think again, because it’s absolutely essential that we have the best possible government and that is a Turnbull-led Coalition government,” he says. “If they are thoughtful conservatives, even through gritted teeth, they will put the Coalition ahead of the Labor Party.”

Funny he should say that. What sort of feedback do you suppose he’s been getting? Gritted teeth isn’t the half of it. Where I am it’s a choice between Labor and the Greens which makes it easy since the only thing that will matter is which order I put them. Where the Libs go will make no difference. As for the Senate, on this there will have to be some deep consideration before the evil day arrives.

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