The biggest dud in Australian election history

I have let myself think the thought on occasion that there is a tacit agreement between the ABC, the ALP and Turnbull that the Libs win this election under Malcolm, implement as much of the left agenda as possible and then allow Labor to win in 2019. The only problem has turned out to be that Malcolm is such a dud that he is apt to lose the election even with the others lying dead. These thoughts have again crept into my mind reading Terry McCrann via Andrew Bolt: Shorten goes back to Labor’s disastrous past.

OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten has now officially committed to embracing two of the three policies that defined the Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard governments as the two worst in our history…

Yesterday, Shorten committed to go back to the ‘Rolls-Royce’ version of the National Broadband Network that Rudd signed off on during a VIP flight with then communications minister Stephen Conroy.

This joins Shorten’s earlier commitment to bring back the carbon tax which Rudd’s successor Gillard imposed on Australians in her squalid deal with then Greens leader Bob Brown.

That would leave just the boats and the 50,000-plus illegal arrivals and the 1200-plus deaths at sea.

But does anyone doubt that if we got a Shorten-led government in three weeks that the boats would start coming again? And once they did, that Shorten would cave on the Abbott government’s tough-love turn-back policies?

This has now been more than reinforced by the lead story in today’s Oz: Federal election 2016: Bill Shorten veers left on treaty, boats.

Why would Labor do this since it can only alienate everyone but the rustidons? Labor has even gone so far as to promise to do some serious cuts to public spending: Federal election 2016: Labor locks in $33 billion of cuts.

And not even that seems to scare enough voters towards a Malcolm-led Coalition even as the Coalition’s own traditional voters continue to seek alternatives. There is no doubting that Malcolm is the worst leader of any major party in Australian history. Not just a tin ear, but an arrogance so unearned it is hard to see how he ever came to think of himself as the moral conscience of the nation he clearly thinks he is. He really is thick. This from Andrew Bolt has such a sense of unreality about it that it is hard to believe it’s actually true. The heading from Andrew is Turnbull: whites “invaded” this land. This “always will be Aboriginal land” and this is what it said:

I have warned conservatives about what Malcolm Turnbull would be like once elected.

You don’t actually need to wait that long after today’s presser:


Do you agree that the colonisation of Australia can fairly be described as an invasion?


Well I think it can be fairly described as that and I’ve got no doubt – and obviously our first Australians, Aboriginal Australians describe it as an invasion.

And never may people with no Aboriginal ancestors feel an equal right to call this home:

So this was and is and always will be Aboriginal land.

And so the racial division of this country proceeds, encouraged by the party many would have expected to resist.

OK, he’s stupid. But are the fools who line up behind him impervious to the damage he is doing to Australia. Forget party politics for a minute. Everything he believes if implemented would make this country worse. The debts, the super, the spending, the NBN, the Republic, his version of reconciliation, his way of dealing with climate change, his lack of a personal will to protect our borders, and now his actually stating that white settlement in Australia is in some sense illegitimate. Meanwhile he thinks he’s a genius which may be the falsest belief he may have.

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