Legal bills estimated to be nearing a million!

This really is beyond all sense: Gillian Triggs hires top silk in 18C university case. Wherein we find:

The total legal bills for the university and other parties are estim­ated to be nearing $1 million.

You can read the details at the link, but this seems absolutely right:

In a letter to Professor Triggs yesterday, the lawyer for Mr Wood, Michael Henry, stated: “Examining complaints against the commission is your responsib­ility and your responsibility alone. We had sincerely hoped that some leadership would be shown by you on this issue and that the commission would have investigated this deeply regrettable incident of its own initiative.” . . .

“The entire matter could have been easily ­resolved during the process the commission was duty bound by statute to undertake.”

There is something very very wrong here that needs to be fixed. And as usual, the best part of the story at the link is in the comments.

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