Anti-Trump Republicans are the worst kind of fools

Whether he knows it yet or not, Paul Miringoff at at Powerline will vote for Donald Trump. There are nerves to settle and plenty of time to do it. But in his quite informative column discussing his uncertainties he brings two other columnists into it who are both deeply anti. You really do have to think these people ought to have their keyboards taken away from them for their own safety. The first is Michael Gerson:

Gerson contends that Trump is unfit to be president:

It is not enough for GOP partisans to assert Trump’s superiority to Clinton on this issue or that. They must justify that Trump has the experience, knowledge, temperament, judgment and character to be president of the United States.

Gerson argues that Trump fails this test because of his positions on illegal immigration and Muslim entry into the U.S., and because a New York Times piece showed Trump to be a “cave-man” when it comes to women.

The second article is by Robert Kagan:

He argues that Trump will bring fascism to America. . . . Kagan has announced that he supports Hillary (some attribute this decision to an affinity with the Democrat on foreign policy issues).

It’s not just an over-heated brain. The man is a moron with pretentions to insight. My wife gets mad at me for not explaining myself when I kick such stupidity out the door without discussion. But there are morons everywhere and you cannot parse their idiocies to the end of time.

Paul, you gotta stop reading these guys and worrying about their opinions. Steve Hayward is trying to explain things to you on your own blogsite: THE ENDLESS ENIGMA OF DONALD TRUMP. This is where things are heading, and you should be heading there along with everyone else: New Poll: Republicans Are Increasingly Positive About Donald Trump.

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