The rise and fall of Peter Hendy

Peter Hendy is running for his life in Eden-Monaro and is likely to lose his seat after only one term. What interests me is that no one ever mentions that he had been the Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for many years where he had been my CEO. Is that not seen as a qualification for those wondering who to vote for? Apparently not. This, however, is from the comments thread where Andrew Bolt discussed Hendy cannot now demand loyalty given that he was one of the leaders of the 54 who deposed Abbott.

I live in Eden Monaro and can confirm that Hendy has been MIA since being elected. Mr Invisible (or is that Dr Invisible?). The only time we heard from him is when we discover that he has been spending his time counting numbers for Turnbull. Instead of spending time getting himself known in the electorate, which might give him a chance of re-election even if things were going well for the Liberals, he has been behaving like a political heavy inside Parliament House and at his own house. Quite obviously, he has not made the transition from being a Political Staffer (he worked for Julie Bishop and Peter Reith) to an Elected Member where his first priority must be his electorate. As you say, he only won the seat on the back of the pro-Abbott swing and because of the inordinate amount of time Tony Abbott spent in the electorate getting Hendy known. Mike Kelly is not my cup of tea but he has exceeding high name recognition throughout the large electorate. Hendy has the personality of a damp rag and needed Abbott’s confidence and exuberance to lead the way on his public appearances. What a way to say thanks. I will not be rewarding Hendy for his treachery.

On the left, they vote as they are directed. Doesn’t work the same among conservatives.

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