The “I will resign as soon as elected” party

If it is still possible, someone must run in Wentworth as part of the “I will resign as soon as elected” party which will have only a single policy: if elected I will resign the moment the Liberal Party chooses a new leader. Is it too late? This is from Andrew Bolt:

Turnbull Government ministers and influential backbenchers at first did not believe me when I reported that Malcolm Turnbull had quietly had a Greens candidate, Lin Hatfield Dodds, made one of the deputy secretaries of his Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, in charge of his social policy.

Incredible, but true.

Here is how Hatfield Dodd’s job was first advertised, suggesting the power this Greens candidate will now have with Turnbull, whose slogans shape the job description.

Go to the link and read it all. Perhaps Labor really is the lesser of two evils.

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