An unfortunate story

The story is not about the incredible use of our taxpayer funds enforced apparently by the Federal Court, but about the fact that this Beau Abela chap seems to have become a car thief.

He’s the boy who sued Victoria and won, because he left school unable to read.

But, despite a secret private payout and a free car, Beau Abela has turned to a life of crime, complaining he can’t get work.

Abela, now 22, sued the Education Department for $300,000 in 2007 for failing to teach him properly. He said he couldn’t get an apprenticeship because he lacked life skills such as using a bus timetable, reading a menu or counting money.

After eight years of litigation Abela last year reached a near million-dollar private settlement with the government. . . .

Signing off on the agreement, Federal Court judge Anthony North said Abela’s story was unfortunate.

‘The unfortunate situation of Beau, a citizen of Victoria, with very considerable learning difficulties, is something that should be addressed by a sympathetic State,’ he said.

‘He has had a very unfortunate education experience and is in a position where he needs assistance to develop whatever capacities he has.’

It is, of course, excellent that the Federal Court is filled with such compassionate and far-seeing judges who are able to bring a million dollar’s worth of justice to someone without the life skills to read a bus map but who is, nevertheless, still capable of stealing cars.

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