Trump and the realignment of the parties

Anyone who believes Hillary will defeat Trump must have zero faith in democratic processes. Hillary has never achieved a single political purpose in her entire life that did not benefit herself personally. She has no ideas and no track record. She is corrupt to an extent possibly unprecedented even in the American politicians-for-hire system of government. She should be going to jail, not running for president. Her one achievement occurred at birth (conception?) and since then she has added nothing of value to her résumé. It ought to make you sick to realise how close she is to accomplishing her goals. And if she does, the line that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others may have to be amended. There are circumstances in which democracy clearly does not work, and the Hillary story is the case study.

We however have this: Democratic Strategist: Trump Will Beat Hillary Like ‘A Baby Seal’. He may not be right, but at least he has broken ranks to say what needs to be true:

Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders believes Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton like a “baby seal,” and that working class whites who haven’t already left the Democratic Party for cultural reasons will do so now for economic ones.

“I know a ton of Democrats — male, female, black and white — here [in southern Virginia] who are going to vote for Trump. It’s all because of economic reasons. It’s because of his populist message,” Mudcat told The Daily Caller Wednesday.

Saunders has experience working with Jim Webb, helping getting him elected to the U.S Senate in 2006 and advised his failed bid for the presidency in 2016. Saunders was also an advisor to John Edwards in his 2008 presidential bid. The Democrat strategist is renowned for connecting politicians to “Bubbas” — white, working class Southerners.

“Working class whites in the South have already departed the Democratic Party for cultural reasons. Well the working class whites in the North are now deserting the Democrats because of economic reasons,” Mudcat told TheDC. He added, “this is the new age of economic populism, man. This is about survival for a lot of people.”

If it is down to survival and people will still vote against their interests, then there will be a new system coming and it won’t be the one we have been used to in the past.

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