Majority of Australians support US alliance whoever becomes president

We have just had eight years of the worst ever president in relation to American foreign policy, someone who has happened to mangle every single international relationship the US has. With Hillary – the architect of the disaster in Libya – the likely winner in the coming election, we have the Lowy Institute, in the person of its executive director, arguing that electing Donald Trump would jeopardise the international order. This man needs to have a look at the world as it has progressed since 2009. The article is President Trump? We say no thanks to the Donald. This is how he characterises our future relationship with a Trump administration:

Our deepest strategic instinct has always been to make common cause with a like-minded global ally. For nearly 65 years, that ally has been the US. However, that was before The Don­ald came along.

And if Trump is president, then what? Who is that like-minded global ally you are planning to count on? If this is their version of deep thought, I’d hate to see what they would just sprout off the top of their heads.

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