An international socialist conspiracy

I am in the middle of reading Humboldt’s The Limits of State Action who argued the case that giving things to people was bad for those on the receiving end. Reward without effort is debilitating, he wrote. Here in Oz we have ‘More tax, more equitably’ left-wing intellectuals cry in open letter.

Australia’s left-wing intellectual establishment has heaped pressure on politicians to collect “more tax, more equitably” to fund greater health, education and transport spending without cutting welfare entitlements.

An open letter – co-signed by 50 progressive advocates, union leaders and academics – identifies capital gains and superannuation accounts as ripe targets for revenue-raising, and came as opposition treasury spokesman Chris Bowen explicitly ruled out cutting company tax in the May budget.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Hillary Confirms Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Plan.

Daily News: So if I understand you correctly, if you look at your proposals for college costs and for family leave, for infrastructure investments…

Clinton: Well, that’s a little bit different, because infrastructure investment, I’m still looking at how we fund the National Infrastructure Bank. It may be repatriation. That’s one theory, or something else. It’s about $100 billion a year.

Daily News: A hundred billion a year, so that comes out to about a trillion dollars…

Clinton: Over ten.

Daily News: …over ten years.

That’s not the total, that’s the increase. The land of the free has become the land of the free lunch, of which there is no such thing.

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